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I, myself, can speak first hand to the experience as a patient and physician. I have had two SmartGraft procedures done with minimal pain and discomfort. My results are thick, natural, permanent hair. As a physician, it is important for our office to offer the most efficient platform for harvesting FUE technology available. Our patients appreciate the short harvest time and high survival rate.

- Dr. Liet Le

Radiant Dermatology Smartgraft Specialist
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Providing Patient-Centered Care

Dr. Liet N. Le is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon in Houston Texas who specializes in hair loss, hair transplant procedures, and cosmetic dermatology. Dr. Le is originally from Mississippi and graduated from Tulane University School of Medicine in Louisiana.

As a hair transplant patient himself, Dr. Le understands the desire to resolve symptoms of alopecia and restore your hair’s fullness. He utilizes SmartGraft, the latest FUE technology, to achieve natural-looking results following a hair transplant surgery without visible scars.

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Why Choose Us?

Reasons SmartGraft Houston Is A Top Provider For Hair Loss Patients

Dr. Le specializes in hair loss. At your initial consultation, he will use the advanced HairMetrix™ system for real-time AI-driven analysis of your scalp and hair follicles.

Dr. Le often develops a treatment plan that is customized to the needs of each patient. It includes medication, dietary supplements, PRP injections and for some patients, a hair transplant. In PRP therapy, plasma is extracted from a patient’s blood and is injected into the scalp to increase blood supply and allow the follicles to thicken and grow.

Dr. Le uses SmartGraft, the latest generation of hair transplant devices to extract hair follicles using tiny puncture holes to prevent visible scars. Hair follicles are preserved throughout the process and are carefully transplanted to achieve natural-looking, long-lasting results.

Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Le is involved with each step of your surgery.

Smartgraft technology for hair transplant

What Makes SmartGraft Better Than Other Technologies?

SmartGraft is a modern and innovative transplant device preferred by many board-certified surgeons. The main benefits of SmartGraft include the following: Tiny, nearly invisible scars.

The system is designed to protect each hair graft. The device allows for a quick extraction, with minimal trauma to the graft. Grafts are preserved in sterile saline to decrease exposure to air until they are transplanted. 90% of the hair grafts that Dr. Le’s team extracts survive the insertion to the scalp and keep growing. Quick recovery time of up to two days, natural-looking results

As opposed to other hair restoration treatments, SmartGraft does not involve scalpels, stitches, or visible scars. After a 5 to 6-hour procedure, the patient goes home and can likely resume their daily activities within a day or two.

Smartgraft hair loss solution in houston

The Conservative Approach

SmartGraft, the non-invasive hair transplant, like the breeze that will soon be blowing through your hair

If you want to achieve a healthy, full head of hair, there is no need to undergo an invasive surgical procedure. Come see us at our Houston office for a hair loss consultation with Dr. Le.

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