Understanding Hair Loss

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Hair loss can be a sensitive subject to talk about. At our Kingwood office in Houston, TX, we try to open up the conversation to educate patients about why they are experiencing hair loss, and what we can do to help.

An average individual has approximately 100,000 hair follicles on their head when they are born. As people age, it is natural to lose between 50-100 hairs per day. If the amount is greater than that, this may be an indication of advancing hair loss, which can be caused by a variety of different factors.

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What Causes Hair Loss?

There are many causes for temporary or persistent hair loss.Some causes differ between men and women. As men age, they often suffer from male pattern baldness, in which the hair follicles start to shrink and will eventually stop generating new hair.

Hair Loss Affects Confidence and Self-esteem in Both Men and Women.

Female Pattern Hair Loss (FPHL) can occur at a young age and becomes more common after menopause. Pregnancy related hormones can cause temporary yet noticeable hair loss. Thyroid and metabolism issues are often linked with hair loss.


Various factors influence hair growth, and loss, including heredity, medication, hormones and aging

For both men and women, certain medications can result in hair loss. The most common include medications that treat:

Various cancers (including radiation therapy)
Heart problems
High blood pressure

Environmental factors such as air pollution can contribute to hair loss. Stress is another large contributor to hair loss in patients, especially if you have recently undergone a stressful event such as:

Divorce or separation
A major illness or injury
Caring for a sick or injured loved one
Job change
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Learn about the various stages of hair growth.

Understanding the hair growth cycle helps Dr. Le strategize for preventing further hair loss for his Houston patients. Below is a short description of each of the four phases of hair growth:

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Anagen phase

During this time, the hair follicles (located on your scalp) are pushing new hairs up, as this is the growing period. This phase will last for up to seven years before the hairs stop growing. The length that your hair can naturally grow will depend on how long your growth phase is.

Catagen phase

During these few weeks, the hair growth starts to slow down and the hair begins to separate from the bottom of the follicle.

Telogen phase

For about three months, there is no hair growth during the telogen phase, and there is also no hair loss.

Exogen phase

This period will last between 2-5 months. This is when you will lose a natural amount of hair (between 50-100 strands every day).


Dr Liet Le, hair restoration doctor

Consulting With Dr. Le

When Dr. Le first examines a patient at our Kingwood or Humble location, he will determine if they can prevent or reduce hair loss and encourage hair growth through supplements, vitamins, changes to your nutrition and lifestyle, or prescription shampoos. If so, he will make a recommendation and schedule a follow-up appointment. He may find that more advanced treatment is required to treat the patient’s hair loss.In some cases, Dr. Le will recommend the use of plasma injections to awaken dormant follicles and use your body’s natural healing system to increase the growth of new hair.

When it is appropriate, Dr. Le may suggest a hair transplant. To best serve patients in and around Houston, Humble, and Kingwood, we typically use the SmartGraft technology for FUE hair restoration without visible scars. We use the device to harvest follicles from the back of your scalp, preserve them in a special liquid, and then transplant them to the desired areas.

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