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Hair loss can be a frightening and emotional journey for patients of all ages and genders. Dr. Le works diligently to guide patients through minimizing hair loss, restoring hair to thinning areas, and stimulating new hair growth. Dr. Le is a dermatologist who specializes in hair loss and in FUE hair restoration in Houston. As a hair transplant patient himself, Dr. Le developed all hair restoration protocols we use at our Houston office.


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The Conservative Approach To Hair Restoration

At Smart Graft Houston we specialize in the latest hair restoration techniques.In the past, some patients would stay away from traditional hair transplants due to scarring. SmartGraft is a modern follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair restoration technology used at our Houston office that eliminates the need for invasive surgery and is scalpel-free.

With SmartGraft, Dr. Le and his team use a handheld device to carefully harvest hair follicles from the back of the scalp and keep them safe until they can be transplanted into the desired area.


Which Hair Loss Treatment is Right For Me?

Many of our Houston patients ask our team about the difference between SmartGraft and NeoGraft, as they both are FUE hair restoration techniques. In general, we find that SmartGraft has the following advantages over NeoGraft.

SmartGraft vs. NeoGraft

SmartGraft is designed to preserve each follicle by minimizing intertaction with air once the follicle is extracted from your scalp, it is immediately inserted into a solution that keeps it alive until it is transplanted. This system increases the chance that each follicle will survive the procedure and keep growing in its new place on your head.
SmartGraft is a more automated process, resulting in quicker procedures and predictable results. When each follicle is re-transplanted quickly, they are more likely to remain active after surgery.
The preffered process is if you have a large area to treat.


SmartGraft Surgery Day

Dr. Le and his team created a surgery day process that is as easy as possible for their patients.On the day of surgery, the patient will arrive at the office and change into a surgical gown. We will take your “before” photos.

Dr. Le will outline a new hairline (if that is the desired result) and the patient will approve it before the procedure begins. A local anesthetic will be administered to the transplant area, and pain-relievers will be offered as required.

After this, the patient remains awake for the duration of the procedure (approximately 5-6 hours) while a technician, supervised by Dr. Le, will carefully extract the follicles and transplant them to the target area.

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Who is a Good Candidate for SmartGraft?

To undergo a successful SmartGraft procedure, the ideal candidate will have the following characteristics:

Sufficient donor hair on their body (mostly scalp, but in some cases chest or beard hair can be used)
Physically able to remain still for several hours during treatment
Dr. Le determined that the cause for hair loss is persistent and that other treatments will not achieve your desired aesthetic goals
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Combining SmartGraft With PRP

Dr. Le may recommend PRP injections to increase the growth of new hair in certain areas of the scalp.Platelet Rich Plasma involves extracting plasma from the patient’s blood to inject into the desired areas.

SmartGraft is beneficial for immediate results, while PRP can be useful for maintaining the results afterward. The SmartGraft procedure moves over healthy follicles while the PRP treatment encourages regular growth due to the plasma’s healing properties.

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